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Korean Premium

SsangYong is a premium brand with over 67 years of glorious background. Also known as the Korean Mercedes, SsangYong guarantees with its name the highest of qualities for its products and offers clients the possibility to order a custom-made vehicle: individualized down to the smallest detail. Admittedly, the exclusive importer for Bulgaria Ratola Corporation, also offers fine-tuned configurations available in stock. They meet the most common requirements and provide the advantages of the instant delivery.

The individual approach to the car configuration naturally leads to the development of flexible leasing plans adjusted to the customer’s individual needs. Ratola’s consultants will not only offer you a car, but also a leasing plan tailor-made to fit your wishes: with an initial 30% installment and a long repayment period, with residual value or with acquisition of title, as well as various options for payment of value added tax – in advance, deferred payment with the installments or funded by the Lessor.