The SUV specialist since 1954

Kprea Great Mobility
Proudly made in Korea

SsangYong is the oldest and fourth largest automotive manufacturer in South Korea. Established in 1954, nowadays KG Mobility (SsangYong Motor Company) is a globally renowned Premium SUV manufacturer with full line-up of SUV and Lifestyle Utility vehicles.

SY production
70 years of excellence

SsangYong – the name means twin dragon – has always specialised in producing 4x4s and is associated with a number of other well-known automotive brands including Mercedes-Benz.

SsangYong Motor Company / KG Mobility's headquarter is located in the heart of Korea’s capital, Seoul, and its vehicle manufacturing plant in Pyeongtaek prouds itself with building quality and a legacy of superior engineering.

The Premium Korean automaker celebrated 70 years in March 2024.